William Szilveszter

Interaction Designer located in Vancouver, BC, Canada


iOS Development

Icon Design

Interaction Design

UI Design


Developing exclusively for Apple's iOS platform, rather than stretching over multiple operating systems, which can often degrade quality and attenuate the feature set.

iOS Human Interface Guideline structured and always crafted based on a foundation of extensive usability and human factors research.

Your icon is the central pillar of your app. It will reside on everyone’s home screen and will be seen daily by your users. It's influence is far greater than most realize. Do not make it an afterthought.

Rich and provocative icon design is of critical importance.

Interaction design is the essence of bridging the divide between user and system. User experience is birthed from this process.

With experience in design, computers and a formal degree in psychology, understanding the system and tailoring it to the user has become second nature.

User interfaces are evolving. Design too should mirror this evolution towards the harmony of the system and its user.

UI design that's well planned, well thought out and impeccably polished.


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